Traditional marketing, which can be defined as promoting a product or service in traditional ways, such as broadcasting television advertisements, loses its efficiency and importance day by day due to various reasons. First of all, traditional marketing isn’t good at reaching the right audience. In traditional marketing, since the advertisements and marketing strategies mainly focus on reaching as many people as possible, it becomes hard to find the right audience for your product or service. In addition, since the popularity of social media and other web mediums surpasses that of traditional mediums, traditional marketing has also lost efficiency over time in reaching great amounts of people.

Traditional marketing also fails at creating reliable, valuable, relevant, and consistent content for the promoted product or service. For these reasons, a strategy called Content Marketing greatly gained popularity and proved its effectiveness in the last years, and is fastly becoming the most preferred marketing strategy.

Content marketing is basically a marketing strategy that focuses on creating and distributing reliable, valuable, relevant, and consistent information (content) about your service, product, or company. Content marketing mainly uses the internet, but it can also be applied to other mediums.

Does Content Marketing Really Work?

Yes, content marketing really makes a difference. There are various researches conducted by many different organizations that prove that content marketing works better than traditional marketing when carried out consistently and correctly.

In addition to the world’s biggest companies in various industries such as Microsoft, Apple, P&G, LinkedIn, Coca-Cola, and more, local businesses also prefer content marketing to improve their popularity and gain customers.

However, it is very important to carry out content marketing correctly. The strategy is highly efficient, but it is important to maintain the content marketing strategy, as much as starting to do it.

What are the Additional Benefits of Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a great way to promote your product, service, or business. But it is also a great way to inform your customers or readers about your product, service, business, or industry. Content marketing not only informs the potential customers about the aspects and qualities of a product or service, but it also helps the customers understand these in a greater perspective, and help them become conscious customers.

Content marketing increases overall sales since they function as effective and informative advertisements. According to many pieces of research, content marketing can increase your product or service sales by up to 30%. Although this rate can’t be achieved in every single business, it can be said that you can increase your sales by at least 10% with correct and consistent content marketing.

Content marketing also helps improve your or your business’s cost savings. Content marketing is far less costly than traditional marketing since you don’t need to pay big TV channels or social media websites for this strategy. You can actually start content marketing with no money, but of course, it becomes more meaningful and efficient when you dedicate a budget to it. However, even if you carry out content marketing on a very large scale, you will still be saving money compared to traditional marketing.

Even more importantly, content marketing helps you reach the right customers. Customers gained by content marketing are statistically more loyal and knowledgeable. This means you can achieve a better customer base that is both loyal and knowledgeable about content marketing.

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Content Marketing as the Present and the Future of Marketing Strategies

Content marketing is currently the most efficient and popular marketing strategy in many industries. Especially companies that mainly provide their services on the internet greatly prefer content marketing, and benefit from the aspects of it. Today, it can be said that content marketing is one of the most popular marketing strategies out there, and it is also one of the most efficient ones. It still continues to increase its popularity, and it seems that content marketing will be the most preferred and efficient marketing strategy in the future.

Content marketing is suitable for all business branches and industries. It is also cost-efficient, especially for businesses in more specific or smaller industries. For example, a dental clinic might gain more customers with higher loyalty with content marketing, compared to traditional marketing, since the target group of a dental clinic can be addressed more effectively and correctly with the help of content marketing.

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