What are Facebook ad strategies? You will find in this article How to create an ad campaign on Facebook? Choosing target group in Facebook.

Facebook Ad Strategies

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Facebook is one of the suitable places for social media advertisements that are quite an effective marketing and ad platform for e-commerce companies. You can reach new people or increase your brand awareness thanks to Facebook ads. It is obvious that social media ad strategies are the most important part of social media management. Here some tricks to benefit from Facebook ads.

Use Dynamic Product Advertisements

Dynamic Product ads are one of the most common-used Facebook ads. This model provides the Highest Rate of Interest(ROI) to e-commerce companies. You can publish retargeting ads on Facebook by using this model.

When you use this model, you don’t need to prepare a new ad campaign for each product. You need to follow some steps to use this model. These are:

            – Load your product catalog to Facebook: It is strongly adviced to load it with product informations that you want to publish by using Facebook Business Manager.

            – Adjust customer behaviors: Create your ads whether they will appear or not according to the behavior of your customers.

            – Create a template: Facebook will make some settings according to your inputs. Determine title and keywords for your ads.

            – Make dynamic ad settings from power editor: Chose your products from your catalog and publish your ad.

Use Multiple Product Ads

 Another Facebook ad model provide you to publish multiple ads from one ad campaign. Thanks to this option you can show multiple products to your target group.

You can increase the rate of conversion by publishing more than one product according to your customers’ interests. You can also use it here to show another usage of any product.

Upload Recycle Pixel

Recycle pixel is a feature of Facebook ads and provides measuring the behavior of the clients on your website. In addition to this, Facebook set your campaigns again and help you to find a new target group similar to your ad campaigns by using this code.

You can follow some parameters such as sales which are happened after clicking the Facebook ad if you add this code to your charging page.

Create Retargeting Ads

Most consumers leave their shopping cart while surfing through the internet and that means firms lose their potential clients. You can show Facebook ads to users after they leave your website.

You can create retargeting ads on Power Editor to reach again the users who abandon your website. You can show users single or multiple products.

 Benefit From The Similar Target Group Feature

Facebook analyzes your target group history and helps you to find similar target groups. This feature provides to Show your ads to target groups that are similar to your current target groups. This helps you to increase the number of your potential customers.

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