According to the predictions of technological Innovations experts, we will see faster and bigger changes in technology in 2021 compared to other years, which is our prediction. Health, education, production, entertainment, and communication will be among the areas that will develop the most.

As we left the year 2020, when we had good developments in technology, the Covid-19 period made “technology” the focal point of the world by restructuring our needs and consumption habits. Some developments taking shape in this time period are expected to go away in 2021. Let’s see what are the experts’ predictions for 2021?

Artificial Intelligence / Intelligent Assistants

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Artificial Intelligence technologies have become a part of our daily life. Every large company and organization focuses on improving the customer experience and modernizing business actions using artificial intelligence, and this will literally fly in 2021. It seems that we will see technologies that are far beyond the capabilities of even Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa.

Robot Assistants Will Be Widespread

Robot caregivers, security guards, hostesses, and waiters are used in different parts of the world. In 2021, this technology will now enter our private lives and homes.

These robot assistants, which will be used especially in smart homes, will facilitate many tasks in daily life in the next 10 years.

Smart Assistants in Cars

Smart assistant technology that works with voice commands such as Siri and Google Assistant will continue to spread in 2021.

Automakers have already begun to equip new models with smart assistants.

Digital Invisibility

In 2021, digital technology will enter our private lives and find use everywhere. Our important data, our work, our home will inevitably question our security. This will lead to developments that support privacy.

Today, we know how valuable our personal information is when using the internet. People are increasingly paying more and more attention to managing and securing their personal data. On the other hand, governments also enforce some strict rules that companies must follow.

Transparency and traceability are crucial to supporting people’s digital privacy, and we’ll see bigger improvements next year.

Data Processing Privacy

Another approach to supporting cybersecurity for digital transformation is information processing privacy.

The idea of data processing privacy is to encrypt the entire computing process, not just data, and create additional layers of security around sensitive information.

In 2021 and beyond, we will begin to see data processing privacy shift to the mainstream.

Virtual Reality

VR and AR will be the most important technology trends in 2021. While VR puts a person in a virtual environment, AR enriches the user environment.

Both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have enormous potential in education, rehabilitation, entertainment, and marketing.

Virtual Reality was originally used for gaming and entertainment purposes only. Now, with Covid-19, it has been used for education. Samsung, Oculus, and Google are currently working substantially in the Virtual Reality market.

Smart Cinema / Series / Film and Entertainment Industry

Wearable Virtual Cinema is a product that will completely keep consumers out of the traditional cinema. Imagine virtual cinemas that can be connected to WiFi!

The Wearable Virtual Cinema will have 32 GB of internal storage to keep 2D or 3D content accessible, and it will also be able to connect to WiFi so you can take advantage of streaming platforms.

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, which was released in 2019, attracted great attention with the choices it offered to the audience. He announced that in 2021, the number of smart series and movies that will involve the audience in the development of the story will increase.

Robot  Pets

The statement that everyone will have a robot finally turns into reality.

For example, a palm-sized robot dog named Petri Bittle offers users a fun and educational experience with a pet.

The robot dog has springy legs that help it move easily. Users can program and train their dogs if they want, which also improves them in coding and STEM training.

A new robot dog was introduced in recent months by a Chinese company that produces advanced robot technologies such as Boston Dynamics, a robot dog that can recognize its environment and carry medium-sized loads. In addition, it has a much more affordable price compared to the robot dog model named Spot introduced by Boston Dynamics.

Delivery with Drones and Postman Drones

With the already existing Drone, delivery will become even more common.

We have recognized the drone delivery technology, which will only start in the US, as an Amazon-led development. In fact, it seems that more effort is needed for this technology, which was first tried in 2016, to become widespread.

Postman drones, which have already been put into use by various organizations from Amazon to the French Postal Service, help transport small and medium-sized cargo between close distances.

Unlimited Storage Space

Storage space is one of the major problems brought about by digital transformation. In 2021, free and unlimited storage space is expected to be provided to users. This will eliminate the problem of deleting existing files, photos, and videos. Because we will be more digital now and we need a space for this.

Chips to be Attached to Human Body

While chips to be attached to the human body were the famous science fiction story for years, a Swedish company first placed subcutaneous chips in office workers in 2016.

 Scenarios related to the acceleration of the process of using chips in the human body have reappeared in order to facilitate patient follow-up with the spread of the new type of Coronavirus worldwide.

Neuralink, founded by Elon Musk last year, announced that they have been working on the brain-computer connection for a while and wanted to try this system on more people in a short time.

CDP (Customer Data Platform)

For digital transformation, customer experience has become very important, and the Customer Data Platforms (CDP) have seen a huge increase in recent days.

CDPs; help to solve this problem by collecting, organizing, tagging, and making data available for digital transformation from all available sources.

Companies such as Adobe, SAP, Oracle, Treasure Data, and Microsoft are investing heavily to bring powerful new CDPs to the market.

The data is growing exponentially and it cannot stop after that. Therefore, the rise of the Customer Data Platform is likely to increase in 2021 and the following years.

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