Software is one of the most growing technology in today’s World. When it comes to developing it successfully, we need to make it in a certain program. At this point, we encounter the term Software Development Lifecycle(SDLC). Software Development Lifecycle(SDLC) is a systematic process to be followed by developers and any other members for a software project. In other words, it is a structured way to create and develop software. The main purpose of SDLC is to produce a software project with the highest quality and lowest cost in the shortest time. The first and traditional SDLC model was the waterfall model which is first formally declared by Winston W. Royce in 1970. Up to today’s It World, many other SDLC approaches are released such as iterative model, spiral model, v-model, RAD model, Agile model, DevOps model, etc. However today in this article we will just talk about the general description of traditional SDLC and its phases. Traditionally SDLC process consists of 6 phases. These are:
  • Requirement Phase
  • Design Phase
  • Build/Development Phase
  • Testing Phase
  • Deployment/ Deliver Phase
  • Maintenance Phase
Actually these phases occur in ordinary. When one of the phase is completed then the another phase start.

Requirement Phase

The requirement phase is the most significant and critical part of traditional SDLC models like waterfall models. Because the client specifies his/her requirements in this phase and it is hard to make big changes in other phases. After all, information gathered from the client, we need to clarify and write them in a certain rule. This is done through an SRS (Software Requirement Specification) document.

Design Phase

In this phase our product is designed by the requirements which are gathered in SRS is used as an input. Also, we specify both of our hardware and software tools and platforms here.

Build/Development Phase

This phase is also known as the coding phase. Developers start to write their codes in this phase by using a chosen programming language. As you guess they write their codes according to design to produce the product that provides clients demands.

Testing Phase

Once the software is completed, it is time to test it up to requirements. If the testing team finds any bug or defect, it will be fixed by developers. If there is no problem, now we are ready for the next phase called Deployment/Deliver Phase.

Deployment/Deliver Phase

When the testing phase is completed with a satisfying result, it can be delivered to the customer. If the customer encounters any defect while using a software product, the development team would be informed about the bug. If it is a critical problem, the development team solves it in a short time. Otherwise, it will wait for the next version of the software product. After the solution of all bugs, the software is ready to be deployed to the end-user finally.

Maintenance Phase

The last phase of the process SDLC is the maintenance phase which lasts until the software’s life cycle comes to an end. While the end-user using the product, real-life problems start to Show up. At that time there is a need to provide continuous support by solving problems during the usage of our software product to satisfy customers continuously. As EminTek, we also apply SDLC in our work. We see how SDLC improves performances in the work we do. If you want to work with EminTek, you can check our homepage.
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