Local link building is one of the most effective and important SEO ranking factors. With local link building, it is possible for you to grow your business and increase the volume of traffic to your website in a natural and prominent way. Today, link building is seen as one of the main factors a business needs for its website to increase the growth volume, and attract more traffic and local potential customers to its website.

In this article, we will inform you about the basics of the local link building, and list 5 simple strategies that will catapult your SEO rankings.

What are Backlinks and Why are They So Important?

Backlinks, which can also be referred to as link building, are the name of the SEO strategy of getting referrals from other websites via links (anchor tags). Local link building is the process of using this strategy on a local scale, which increases the effectiveness greatly.

Local link building basically means getting referrals from other local businesses’ websites, which helps increase the traffic volume in your website, and helps you gain organic growth. With local link building, your business gets the chance of attracting local potential customers. Local link building has a high rate of effectiveness for local businesses, and it can not only grow the popularity and recognition of your business, but it can also improve your website’s search engine optimization. Local link building helps improve your local SEO and rankings.

Try Getting Links from Other Ranking Websites

Getting references from other popular websites, which is a strategy that is also known as Barnacle SEO, is an effective way of local link building. In this strategy, it is important to get referred by websites that mainly focus on the same aspects or branch of business, since the rate of relevance is a determinant factor. The amount of mutual keywords greatly affects the overall effectiveness of this strategy.

This strategy is a hard one to accomplish, since it is naturally difficult to get referred by your business competitors, however, what you can do is focus on getting referred by local aggregator or directory-type websites. When a potential customer looks for a website to buy a product or service, they tend to visit these types of websites to choose from a variety of options.

Get Referred by Local News, Personal Blogs etc.

Locally influential mediums and people have the greatest potential to bring you local customers, as well as increasing your overall SEO efficiency. You can pay local news websites, local personal blogs or similar websites to get referred in their websites, and this may greatly help you gain potential customers, as well as increasing the traffic volume in your website, resulting in ranking higher.

In order to get an efficient citation, you can choose topics that will raise local awareness in your business branch. You can also focus on aspects such as what your company does to create a safe and healthy work environment for your workers during the pandemic, for example.

Try Establishing Local Collaborations, Sponsorships, etc.

Establishing collaborations with other local businesses, providing sponsorships for local sports teams or organizations, or giving scholarships to the students of your local school or university is a great way of getting referred to from other local websites. Especially establishing collaborations may greatly increase your website’s traffic volume. However, providing sponsorships to local organizations or giving scholarships to the students of your local school or university also helps a lot, not only by improving the SEO efficiency of your website, but also by improving the reputation of your company.

Work with Local Influencers

Social media influencers have a great influence on people. They can direct masses to buy products, or prefer a brand over another. For this reason, working with local influencers, and getting referred to by them in their websites or social media accounts may greatly improve your local link building.

Maintain Existing Referrals

You should make sure that the existing referral links are still working, and directing to the right webpage. This is important because your website changes over time, and the links that were working once might not be right anymore. For this reason, checking the existing links every once in a while, can be beneficial.

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