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Structured data are signs in Google and similar search engines to more easily introduce websites and websites with E-commerce infrastructure to search engine bots. Along with the structured data, it is possible to introduce the details of the content of your pages to bots in Google and similar search engines in a more meaningful and efficient way. In E-Commerce SEO structured data will provide great advantages to your site. It provides a system that creates more views and clicks for your website or e-commerce site while making your site more accessible and stand out compared to the search results. It helps to show and promote your site in full, as well as increasing commercial results. As EminTek LLC, we went deeper into the subject of structured data for you.

Why Do You Need Structured Data?

Sequence Signal

Data structured according to Google does not affect the ranking of a page. Google has specified the direct sequence signal in this sense. However, the indirect effects of rich Snippets directly affect the click-through rates and ranking rates. These two issues are important about How to Make SEO factors.

Click Rates

Rich Snippets have increased click-through rates in the past. Previously, E-commerce sites had many benefits from search engine results page thanks to Rich Snippets. But the number of these sites was small. Today, many e-commerce sites have started to use structured data. Structured data are used in the sections at the top of the page as a result of the intensification of searches for products. Therefore, it should be considered that structured data follows a graph in direct proportion to the click-through rate.

Enhancing User Interaction

Providing information about the content of the site before clicking to users causes them to enter the site by confident visitors. When the visitor logs in as having information about the site, the duration of stay on the site increases, and the shopping rate increases. This also affects the sequence signal of the page because the visitor’s stay on the page significantly positively affects the keyword rankings.

Users who come to visit your site will be able to easily and comfortably access the information or products they want to access within the site. If you want to categorize your website, let’s consider it for an e-commerce site. For example, it provides the opportunity to categorize many data such as price, color, size, brand, fabric, description, evaluation, photos, return conditions in a more understandable and useful way.

How Is This Done?

You can increase the click-through rate by configuring the contents of your website. Although it is said that data structured according to Google’s data does not affect the ranking of the site, it is clear that it will affect the number of clicks and click-through rates, and bounce rates according to the data. Ensuring that the visitor accesses the data they want to reach, affects the sequence signal of that page. Again, if users who visit the site can reach the information or product they want to access on the site comfortably, the rate of leaving the site will also decrease, and it will be possible to affect the sequence signal with the decrease of this rate.

Schema.org example:

It will be useful to examine the schema.org example for more detailed information about structured data. In the project managed by Google, it has an 88% share in search engines compared to other search engines. All the codes you are looking for to enrich your site and format it the way you want are available at this address. Schema.org contains the tags and codes required to mark structured data.

Schema.org offers data to different markup formats in Microdata, RDFa, and JSON-LD formats. Among the markup codes offered by the project, Google recommends the JSON-LD format to site owners. Schema.org contains quite a lot of schema types. For this reason, you should decide by considering your site, which scheme is used for what purpose among existing schemas, and which scheme is more useful for your site page. In particular, the codes you use when marking your page will help users get positive points in terms of SEO in searches related to your site, but will also affect your SEO performance positively.

As a result, your sites will be advantageous in reaching the desired rank thanks to structured data. And at this point, it will surpass its competitors. It is inevitable that a website, which is supported by schema codes used in addition to the site layout, will achieve the targeted page and ranking success. To see how structured data is used effectively, you can visit our site here and contact us for information.

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