Digital transformation… The only way to follow the rapid changes in the digital world. Institutions must have “corporate digital strategies” and position themselves correctly in this journey.

Although the word “digital” is used in its name, the concept of digital transformation is not only a process that concerns the information technology department, but a series of comprehensive innovations that concern all units in the company, from production to in-house communication efficiency, from management to human resources, and require them to act together. In other words; digital transformation does not only mean technological changes. It also requires the ability to act and think innovatively in every field.

All over the world, some SMEs are following the developments in the digital world but lagging behind in adapting. Because they don’t know what and where to start. Others stand against change due to reasons such as lack of trust, difficulty in adapting to new technologies, and lack of qualified human resources.

So what can SMEs do to survive in the digital transformation era?

Actually, keeping up with change has become an obligation for SMEs, out of a need. If you do not want to grow and stay competitive, you have to go digital.

First of all, SMEs who want to keep up with digital transformation should first get the support of the management and be determined. They must establish their technological infrastructure and acquire new customers using modern marketing methods. They should focus on digital marketing, ensure the satisfaction of their existing customers for continuity, automate all their processes, and accelerate their workflows.

SMEs should follow the developments in this field more closely and formulate a strategy for digitalization. While providing employment, working with staff who can keep up with the digital transformation will help them stay ahead of the competition. The more employees are involved in the process, the more successful and faster the result will be.

SMEs that decide to set out for digital transformation need to make an in-house evaluation and create a roadmap suitable for their needs. Considering both time and costs, it is important for SMEs to set out with an expert business partner in this sense.

The most important issue that SMEs should pay attention to; The workflow and functions they need today are scalable so that they can continue to respond to their needs as the business grows.

The easiest and most cost-effective way to digitize is to use cloud communication platforms. In addition, you can adapt to the digital economy with custom software that you can design the configuration you need now and will need in the future.

You can reduce your costs, save time and increase your productivity with digital transformation.

Digital transformation is not a beginning and end, but a continuous, long-term process. There is always the next step to take. The secret of success in digital transformation is being agile and the capacity to adapt to new conditions and expectations.

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