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What is Digital Marketing Services?
E-Commerce SEO studies are rapidly becoming more popular nowadays and this popularity is increasing day by day. E-Commerce Search Engine Optimization studies include basic SEO and e-Commerce SEO studies on the relevant e-Commerce site. These studies organically stand out from the competitors of the services or products offered by the relevant e-Commerce site; it aims to rank higher in search engines more organically. The main goal of SEO efforts in e-commerce sites is to increase the turnover of the relevant site by making more sales of the website rather than increasing the website traffic.
  • SEO
    Upto 100%
  • Social Media Marketing
    Upto 100%
  • PPC
    Upto 100%
  • Email Marketing
    Upto 100%
  • Content Marketing
    Upto 100%
  • ASO (App store Optimization)
    Upto 100%
  • CRO(Conversation Rate Optimization)
    Upto 100%
  • Amazon Marketing (Amazon SEO and PPC)
    Upto 100%
How to Do SEO for e-Commerce Websites?
You have an e-Commerce website. You have the advantage of the quality and price of your products. However, only you know this. Of course, if you are doing traditional trade, your existing customers are aware of this situation. However, no matter what situation you are in, it is inevitable for your existing or potential customers to meet your competitors if your competitors do SEO or other digital marketing work in the internet world. In this context, it is important that you make this investment regularly and continuously for your brand. Of course, there are some points to be considered when doing SEO work. In this context, as EminTek, the following services are offered to you.
  • Raising the User Experience to the Higher Level
    This step is one of the most important steps in an e-Commerce website. In order for the user experience to remain at a high level, UX and UI processes must first be optimized. It is very important that there are tools that make the website more useful and make an e-Commerce site an e-commerce site. The intention is that the users who enter the site provide the purchase conversion.
  • Website Speed and Optimization
    Not only a user who enters an e-Commerce website, but a user who enters a website, want to experience the relevant website very quickly. Think; the user has come to your website and is looking for a product or will buy a product. However, your website is not fully displayed in the browser even 10 seconds after the user logs into the site. With EminTek, you can provide speed optimizations of your website and move on to other steps.
  • Product Variety
    It goes without saying that a new e-Commerce site is not launched. This means hundreds of products and alternatives. Offering alternative products and services under different platforms both increases competition and strengthens cross-product purchases of users. If you do not have a boutique product range or service list, it is very important for the user that the products or services you offer vary.
  • Quality of Product Images
    e-Commerce users, like traditional commerce customers, cannot hold the product by hand, and cannot see it with the eye. Here, you can provide the closest feeling with the product images you prefer. With the quality of your product images, you can move this process to the purchasing step much faster.
  • In-Product Video Usage
    For some products, only photos or 3D renderings are not sufficient. You can make the product you sell more understandable and accepted by the user with both usage video, durability video, and short videos reflecting its technological power. EminTekprovides professional support during both photo and video shootings.
  • Competitor Analysis
    Competitor analysis is a process performed by the trader. At least it should be. Analyze what your competitors do right or wrong while doing SEO, search engine optimization, on e-commerce sites. See yourself as a user and analyze the processes by shopping from your competitors with a large share in the market. Look for answers to questions such as how the product image is preferred; what kind of purchasing process it has, with which keywords it is in the front row. Of course, you can ensure that these processes are analyzed more accurately by getting professional support.
  • Secure e-Commerce Systems
    You can either set up a campaign or celebrate it. However, make them feel that each of your customers is special to you. This can both increase your sales and make the user-brand relationship stronger. You can see the returns of the works to be done by getting professional service from EminTek.
  • Use of Social Media Tools
    The traffic from social media tools is too great to ignore when doing search engine optimization. All social media channels that are right for you and your brand should be used, both in terms of the link you provide for your e-Commerce pages and in terms of future traffic. However, you not only increase your rankings in search engines but also increase your awareness on social media platforms. At this stage, you can also benefit from EminTek.